Hi, I'm Brittany Cheng.

One day I'll have a real website that I'm not embarrassed by, but until then, here's some links to help you thoroughly stalk my web presence:
  • My day job: I'm a Product Manager at Yelp.
    • I work on international product, growth, and user experience (#i18n).
  • My evenings and weekends: I volunteer as a Project Lead with YCore.
  • My side project: I co-created The Product Manager Handbook.
  • My alma mater: I graduated from UC Berkeley in May 2014.
    • My degree was in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.
  • My resume: I list my professional activities on LinkedIn.
  • My short-form thoughts: I occasionally broadcast these on Twitter.
  • My long-form thoughts: Until I start blogging again, see Yelp and Quora.
  • My email: I can be reached at bcheng42[at]gmail[dot]com.